Tor Bridge DSC_0155

Arts College designation was a significant turning point for us and contributed to an overall 5A*C GCSE rise to 83% (2012) and 5A*CEM improvement of 30%.

Ofsted have always praised Art as outstanding in our school. It has been recognised as underpinning improvements across a range of other subjects, as well as developing broader themes such as communication, creativity and enterprise.

The Diploma in Foundation Studies – Art & Design programme introduced in 1999 has been highly successful year on year and helped to further raise aspirations and expectations of excellence across a broad range of artistic media in a school which is highly inclusive.

Now as Plymouths BSF pathfinder new build (£39m) we have specialist facilities especially built for the Arts which remain central to our ethos. Visual arts are compulsory and successful at KS4  with Performing Arts available as an option. Art Design & Photography are popular Post 16 with approximately 30% of our Level 3 students studying at least one Arts related qualification.

In terms of our community we employ an Extended Arts Co-ordinator who works with children, families and staff across Plymouth. Thus championing the importance and relevance of Arts in a host of different contexts and enabling further involvement with us as a school. Arts Mark Gold has been achieved in 2004 and 2007.

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