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Heads for the Arts is a group of Headteachers who represent highly successful Secondary Schools across England.

The Schools we represent cover inner city, rural and suburban communities.  Some are multi-cultural, some are not; some serve affluent areas; some the most socially deprived communities in the country.

What we have in common is a track record of success that is underpinned by strong Arts provision.

  • We as a group passionately believe that formal Arts education should be a core entitlement for all students up to the age of 16.
  • We want formal Arts qualifications recognised as part of the English Baccalaureate Certificate.
  • We want formal Arts qualifications to be a performance measure within league tables and statutory expectation of Ofsted Inspection regimes.

Heads for the Arts are

Graham BrownJohn Pout; Headteacher, Rainhill High School, St Helens, Margaret Peacock; Principal, Chestnut Grove Academy, Wandsworth, Peter Nutkins; Headmaster, Humphrey Perkins School, Leicestershire, Mary Boyle; Principal, Knole Academy, Kent, Phil Ward; Headteacher,Heston Community School, Hounslow, Neil Morrison; Headteacher, Queen Elizabeth High School,Northumberland, Christopher Reynolds;                        Headteacher, Saint Benedict’s  Academy, Derby, Elaine Buchanan; Associate Headteacher, Hillview School for Girls, Kent, Peggy Farrington; Headteacher, Hanham High School, Bristol, Catherine McCormack;           Headteacher, South Wirrall High School, Wirrall,


Ian Thompson; University of the Arts London

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